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"Diahann helped me regain confidence and take control.  Women's Ally supports my ongoing commitment to self development." ~ Chris

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Image Consultant Shares Her Secrets...

About the Book

Change One ThingAre you...

  • Afraid of being demoted or laid off due to cutbacks?
  • Stuck in a dead-end job?
  • Not getting the kind of recognition you deserve at work or in your personal life?
Change One Thing is your new secret weapon in the quest to look, feel, and be your best--by transforming those little things that keep you from shining like you should. Be it an outdated wardrobe or an understated personality, executive image consultant Anna Soo Wildermuth gives you the tools you need to change how others see you--and how you see yourself. Her self-assessment quizzes show you where you're coming up short, help you shake up your usual routine, and point you in your new direction.

Change One Thing is the first step to finding out what's keeping you from the job, the relationship, or the life you want. The book includes:

  • The 10 most common self-sabotaging excuses and explains how to overcome them
  • Features Anna's Image Makeover Tips and Image Action Steps
  • Examples of real people whose lives have been transformed by following Anna's suggestions!

Q & A with the Author

I've had the pleasure of working with Anna for a few months and her ability to translate her expertise into quick, actionalble activities in real life, is clearly transfered into her book.  Anna shares her 20 plus years of experience as a professional image and communication consultant, trainer, and coach with us.  It's like you are getting your own personal consultant!  In addition to her experience, Anna is one of only seven Certified Image Masters (CIM) worldwide.-- you are getting elite guidance.  Take advantage of what she has to share:

Women's0Ally:  The book gives many great tips on communication. They range from the pitch and cadence of speech to email etiquette to the image projected by the written word.
However, sometimes it is not what you say but how you say it.  Can you share some guidance on how to refrain from showing an overt reaction to how someone said something (i.e., keep your cool or calm)?

There are several critical keys in ensuring you will stay calm during difficult conversations:
  • Smile
  • Take a few breaths
  • Make a few notes before you answer
  • Only answer if you are calm
  • If you are not calm, let them know you will circle back when you can continue the conversation
  • Agree to disagree

The title of your book is Change One Thing.  You introduce topics such as wardrobe or social image.  Clearly no one is perfect and these topics are instrumental in career success.  Can you elaborate on the impact of making the choice to change nothing?

Anna0Wildermuth:Stephen Covey’s 7th Habit of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is Sharpen Your Saw. When folks chose not to change or keep fresh, they run the risk of being stagnant and dated. In today’s world, we must continue to evolve. This means staying fresh and current with the times, at all times.
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About the Author

Anna Wildermuth
Professional Image & Communication Consultant, Trainer, and Coach

Anna WildermuthAnna Wildermuth is the founder of Personal Images Inc., a recognized leader in the image industry. Her professional credentials include being past President of the Association of Image Consultants International, the largest image consulting organization in the world; one of only seven Certified Image Masters in the world; a Toastmaster ATB; and a member of the American Society (ASTD) of Training and Development. 

To learn more about Anna, she is also one of our EXPERTS

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