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Silent Career Killer: Forgetting Your Brand

Lady Gaga Personal BrandingIf you think that Personal Branding is only for the really successful (Oprah), or the really famous (Lady Gaga), you could not be more wrong. 

If you do an internet search for Personal Branding nearly 4 Million results are found.  The same search for Corporate Branding yields nearly 2.5 Million results.  As a last test, search Brand You and the results are … wait for it … 110 Million.  Clearly in today’s world, if you are not actively managing your personal brand, you are not engaged in your career or your self –development.  This issue is compounded by two external forces:  business cycles have changed and we do not stay in the same job for decades, like previous generations and current unemployment.  Brand differentiation has never been more important.

Three questions to ask yourself:

  1. Do I know what I stand for?
  2. Is my value proposition clear?
  3. Do I clearly communicate who I am?

The answers to these questions have never been more important.  The macroeconomic environment and the rise in competition, demands you increase your reach and visibility.  Similarly, you must advance your networking capabilities.  So, you might need to do some homework before the next time someone asks you “Who are you?

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The author, Diahann Boock, is the founder of Women's Ally. For information about working with Diahann, check out our Programs.

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