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Chronicles of a Graduate: Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

By Patty Marra, Series Guest Blogger

I will openly admit that I was one of those kids who were initially drawn to the communications degree because it promised a full absence of numbers.  After 12 years of math classes, I was pretty over formulas and equations.  I happily embraced the opportunity to learn about words and pictures, without the threat of having to use them for calculating anything.


Numbers do not go away after college.

Yes, that’s right all you liberal arts majors—the numbers will follow you even after you cross that stage and wrap your hands around that diploma.  I realized this when I began interviewing for jobs. It was not uncommon for the employers to screen me using an initial test, often including a writing sample and, YES, some math problems.

Now, for the business majors in the group this isn’t a huge deal.  However, if you haven’t seen a mixed fraction since 8th grade, these types of problems may trip you up and prevent you from getting the job.  So what can you do to keep your edge?

Keep your math skills up.  Think through common math problems in your head, like figuring out the cost of an item on sale.  Remember, business people and clients love metrics.  The more information you can give them to prove that you are doing your job and making a positive impact, the better for you.

About the Author

Patty MarraPatty Marra is a freshly graduated alumna of Marquette University, who is working on answering the question, “…what next?”  She is navigating the ever-evolving hiring maze of today’s business environment, and sharing the pieces of knowledge she learns along the way.  She loves social media, but appreciates a good face-to-face conversation.  Long-term, she is looking to establish a career in marketing project management, and help everyone she can along the way.  You can get in touch with her by email, or you can find more of her thoughts via her blogTwitter, and LinkedIn.

Does this sound familiar? Are you in the same situation?  Have you been here before -- what's your advice for Patty? Please comment below. 

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