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Always Have a Plan B

All successful people have a plan B. Having a plan B allows for risk as you know what you will do if you are trapped, fail, make the wrong choice. A plan B ought to be part of every person’s future plans even if never needed. It is insurance.

What do you do if you only had plan A and someone or something is eroding what was a great plan at its’ inception and still looks good on paper?

What do you do if the idea of a plan B equals failure and fear in the deep places of your psyche? You do it anyway.  Or as Nike says, “Just Do It.”


It's Risk Insurance

You begin with realizing that a plan B is just that, a plan. That is all it is and you may never utilize the plan but like wedding china it is there to bring out and dust off and admire. You begin by standing in front of your mirror and having a good talking to with yourself. Connect with your eyes and tell that critic living inside of you that successful people fail and fall down. What is very remarkable is that the majority of very successful people strike out, fall down, go bust more often than normally successful individuals. It is because very successful risk more and they risk more often and they always have a Plan B and/or exit strategy.  How successful do you want to be? How willing are you to fall a few times and go to Plan B or C or even E?

The majority of clients and seminar attendees that I have worked with fear failure and believe there is only one correct way to live life successfully. Once they are able to admit they are wrong and whole new world emerges. A world where failure is just that, failure. Every single person who has been born or will be born will fail at something. It interests me that we humans have such shame and fear about something that all living creatures experience.

One of my earliest coaching clients had become to dread Monday mornings. What had started out to be a great entry-level job was now repetitious, boring and he was vastly underpaid.  There was no longer any excitement to his job and he knew he was capable of much more and he wanted much more. What held him back was an almost debilitating fear of failure or making a mistake and going into a job that he would also end up not liking. He knew he made just enough to pay his bills and he had good benefits. His parents urged him to stay where he was because it was safe. I urged him to live his dream in a responsible planned out direction.

It took many sessions, a great deal of courage and a very specific plan built on baby steps and my client put his Plan B in action. He got a much better paying job, great benefits, a chance to do what he truly was gifted at and a terrible boss! What my client was then able to do (on his own) was to develop another Plan B and another Plan B and he always has a new Plan B for the just in case or just for the fun of it. This was twelve years ago. His career today is beyond his wildest imaginings of twelve years ago. He is happier not only with his career but also his health and relationships. I saw him a few months ago and he actually looks younger. No Botox or injectable just a great Plan B.


Is this helpful? Please let us know in the comments your thoughts on this as well as other ways we can help you with your career and training.


Anne Browning

Authored by:  Anne Browning MCCP, CADC, Anne Browning Coaching and ConsultingAnne is a Master Certified Life Coach and Counselor specializing in relationships. 


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