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Reinventing your LinkedIn Profile

We recently Interviewed Jason Alba, the Author of I'm on LinkedIn, Now What???.  A token of advice he provided was the importance of a good profile.  Let's take his advice, with the exercise below.

The Basics

1.  If you are not on LinkedIn, get on!  Go directly to, do not pass go, do not collect $200.
2.  Make sure you have a headline.  Consider your options.
  • Do you want to highlight a particular product or service?  For example:  2nd addition "I want to be a Rock Star" available at (I think I made this up!)
  • If you're unemployed, are you using the headline to showcase your availability?  For example: Financial Accounting Manager seeking next big challenge.
  • Do you want to showcase your current company / employer?  For example:  Title, Department at Company
3.  Create or Review your summary.  Don't be rigid, as this is the place you can go beyond your resume.  Think about it.  Your resume summary is a few sentences that could really be a cookie cutter with <INSERT NAME HERE>.  If you've worked in a similar capacity as others, your resumes may not sound that different from each other.  Yet, I bet you have different personalities.  But, here you have more space to share your history and your personality, which lets the reader know you, not just about you.  Two different examples:

  • Dynamic Financial Accounting executive with 15 years experience leading top performing teams. Proven track record of developing new <type> strategies that build X, Y, and Z.  These solutions drive profitable growth and bottom line results.
  • I am passionate about all things related to Financial Accounting and strive to make them easily understood and interesting to others.  From understanding the information that is needed for sound economic decision making to motivating others through education of the importance of measuring and monitoring reporting.  With my many years of experience I've started to become something of a marketer, to get my financial point across.  I've also starting sharing how to present financial information to peak others interests.  You can find this at my blog (again, I think I made this up).
Well, that is it for today's assignment.  In future posts we'll continue exploring reinvention through LinkedIn. I have to run look at my LinkedIn profile to make sure my actions match my words.  What are you doing?  Go update your profile, now!

Before & After

Just to prove that I 'do what I say I'm going to do, I've attached my Before & After profile changes.  As with all of us, it is a work in progress.  Let me know what you think, please comment below.

Old LinkedIn Headline

Old LinkedIn Headline
Down Arrow

New LinkedIn Headline

New LinkedIn Headline

Old LinkedIn Summary

Old LinkedIn Summary

Down Arrow

New LinkedIn Summary

New LinkedIn Summary

Is this helpful? Please let us know in the comments your thoughts on this as well as other ways we can help you with your career and training.

The author, Diahann Boock, is the founder of Women's Ally. For information about working with Diahann, check out our Programs.

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