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"Diahann helped me regain confidence and take control.  Women's Ally supports my ongoing commitment to self development." ~ Chris

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Career ManagementThis is the best place to start.  It outlines the importance of managing your future and provides a 4 phase assessment process for you to analyze your foundation, ultimately helping you know where to focus.  Career Management is a self-monitored process of career planning that involves choosing and setting personal goals, and formulating strategies for achievement.  This planning includes structured exercise undertaken to identify ones objectives, marketable skills, strengths, and weaknesses.  If we don't take self development seriously, our career will evolve unmanaged.

Taking it one step further, what if we include Career Change?  It could mean changing industries or companies, but it could mean down shifting.  What is the best plan for this change?  What needs to be considered?  These articles are here to help.

Our Archive Library groups all articles by topic.  It is a great way to get different perspectives, from different areas of expertise, all in one place.

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